About Us

Raysan Direct is a B2B procurement platform. We provide businesses and trade buyers with a unified platform to compare and purchase products and services for business. Our collection ranges from simple gifts to high performance gaming PC. We offer stock from the UK and European distributors as well as retailers. Majority of UK stock is delivered next business day if you place purchase orders before 4 pm. Following Brexit we had to make changes to how we deliver goods from the EU. After you have placed the order our team will email you the landed shipping costs. We will take care of your duties, customs and taxes which will be quoted to your prior to confirming orders and collecting payments so that you have total control over purchase decisions. 

We have been in the eCommerce and IT market since 2014. Over these years we have realised that making informed purchase decisions are not always an option due to large volume of shopping ads and paid content on internet search engines. We often end up buying products at higher prices or never get the exact product we need no matter how much we search online. This is where Raysan Direct could help. Our prices are as close to the trade prices as possible. We provide VAT invoices and a minimum of 12 months warranty on all new products. We also assure 100% authenticity guarantee on all items sold by us.

Our powerful shopping site is capable of handling millions of product listings. Customers are able to find the exact product they need using our super fast search engine. Simply enter the keywords or manufacturer code to get nearly all offers for that product. 

Our site is easy to use on any device. All you need is a simple modern web browser. Simply bookmark our site or save as shortcut and you are good to go. No more pushy notifications, app installs or software updates, just simple fast access to deals that you don't want to miss

Raysan Direct Technology is a B2B site for business and trade customers only. Whilst consumers are able to make purchases on our site, please bear in mind that any orders placed are subject to business terms so please read our terms and conditons thoroughly prior to placing any orders.

Questions or General Information: Contact us